Our Wait List Keeps Growing!

You may have heard: our registration is FULL with record numbers! And our wait list continues to grow by the day. If you’ve registered, but your plans have changed, and you’ll be unable to attend, please let us know. We’ll miss your participation, but we can offer your spot to someone hoping to attend. Just click the Contact Us tab and send us a note. Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 8/16!

EdCamp CT 2012 photo by Tyler Varsell

EdCamp CT 2012
photo by Tyler Varsell


Registration is almost full!

Yesterday evening, we shared this tweet:

Yup.  Even fewer left this morning.  Imagine how upset you’ll be if you miss your chance to register.  We can’t have you freaking out like Rooney.

Share your learning with Posterous!

Update: Turns out Posterous didn’t email everyone when I added them to our posterous site. However, I’ve double-checked & everyone who provided an email address when registering for EdCampCT has been added. If you didn’t provide your email address at registration (if someone else registered you, for example), let me know and I’ll add you. 

Since EdCamps are all about sharing and openness we have a Posterous site (http://edcampct.posterous.com/) where everyone who registered for EdCampCT can share their experiences in a quick and easy way. If you take notes on any sessions, take any pictures, shoot any video, prepare any slides, or write up any reflections or summaries of your EdCampCT experience we’d love to have you share them on this site. This is the same Posterous site we used last year. We hope to add to it each year so it becomes a collective record of what participants see, learn, think, feel, and experience by attending EdCampCT. The site will become a virtual archive of the event from which anyone can learn.


If you’ve registered to attend EdCampCT, you may have noticed you’ve already received an email from Posterous letting you know you’ve been added as a contributor to the EdCampCT Posterous site. If you’d like to create a post, all you need to do is send an email from the account with which you registered for EdCampCT with your text, pictures, or video attached to edcampct@posterous.com.

We’re looking forward to all the learning and sharing!

NOTE: If you’re attending EdCampCT and didn’t receive an email notifying you that you’re a “Contributor” to our Posterous, one of two things could be happening:

  1. You attended EdCampCT last year and are already a Contributor. You can check by going to http://posterous.com/#spaces. If you see EdCampCT listed, you’re all set.
  2. You’ve inadvertently been left off the list. Just let us know either leaving a comment on this post or sending a tweet to @EdCampCT and we’d be more than happy to add you!

Share Your Ideas for EdCampCT Sessions

I'll be a monster EdCampCT is just around the corner! We know many of you have ideas you’ve been thinking about and want to share during a session at EdCampCT. We also know others of you have specific things you’d like to learn while attending EdCampCT.

Either way, we’d like you to share your session ideas on the official EdCampCT 2012 Wallwisher! No login is necessary, simply head over to the Wallwisher and post your idea.

If you’d like to see last year’s Wallwisher for some inspiration, you can get to it here. However, you won’t be able to post anything to the old Wallwisher.