Sharing ideas for EdCampCT 2014

[tl;dr – Sharing is awesome. You should do it. Here’s the padlet where you can share ideas for conversations and sessions you’d like to see at EdCamp CT 2014]

Sharing is hard. Taking a personal and private thing and putting it out for the public can be scary. We can be worried about looking silly, or naive, or unoriginal. But sharing is super important- especially in the education world.

Sharing is Hard.

Teaching is hard. There are so many variables. There are so many seemingly little things that can have a surprisingly large impact on how students learn. Learning from the successes and failures of others can help increase our own successes and reduce our own failures.

Any EdCamp is wholly built on a foundation of individuals sharing what things have (and have not) led to success in their educational practices. I have found the most value in my EdCamp experiences whenever I am willing to jump out of my shell and share with others through one-on-one conversations, discussions in sessions, or by proposing and leading sessions. When I sit back and keep my ideas and experience to myself, I still enjoy EdCamp, but I get less out of it.

Maybe it’s your first EdCamp, or you don’t feel like you have much educational experience, or you don’t feel you have anything original to share. Your sharing is still welcome at EdCampCT.

In a post reflecting on how hard it is to share new or original ideas, Dean Shareski notes:

…although on the surface our stories, insights and ideas may not be new, they come with our personal context and perspectives and it’s those aspects of sharing that to me are most interesting and meaningful.
Maybe originality is overrated. But your thinking isn’t.

We hope EdCamp Connecticut will be a place where we welcome your thinking. Where you can share your perspectives, even if they’re not truly “original” ideas.

Your ideas for EdCamp CT 2014 Sessions

To get the ball rolling, we’ve created a Padlet (link here) where you can post ideas for sessions you’d like to share or sessions you’d like other attendees to share.

EdCampCT 2014 Session Ideas

If you’d like, you can also view session ideas from vintage EdCampCTs.

At EdCampCT world headquarters we are super excited to see the awesomeness that your sharing will bring to EdCampCT 2014.

Photo Credit: ryancr via Compfight cc


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