Sponsor Spotlight: The Connecticut Education Network

Many thanks to CT’s own CEN for being a Silver Sponsor of this year’s EdCamp Connecticut!  Your support is once again helping to make our event a reality.  Here’s to our shared goal of helping local educators and learners connect and collaborate!


The Connecticut Education Network (CEN) provides reliable, high-speed internet access, data transport, and value added services to its members throughout Connecticut. We offer network, security, application, hosting and professional development service options. Specifically, we offer the following services to CEN members: Internet, Managed Wifi, Private Ethernet Services, Optical Transport, DDoS Mitigation, Filtering, Firewall, Telepresence Video Conferencing, Colocation, Virtual Hosting and Professional Development.  CEN is proud to now be an Erate service provider (SPIN # 143049066).

Connecticut Education Network is the only CT provider of Internet2 Network access. We provide 100 gigabit connections to Internet2’s backbone and support the research and big data needs of Connecticut universities. This capacity benefits CEN members by facilitating high-performance collaboration with peers nationally and internationally.  Follow us @CTEDUNET to learn more.


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