Share your ideas for sessions!

One of the most exciting, interesting, and sometimes confusing times during an EdCamp is the creation of the session board the morning of the event. IMG_8564

The session board is essentially the physical representation of what is meant when we say EdCampCT is “by educators, for educators.” There’s not some committee deciding who should run sessions, or what the sessions can be about. EdCamps are whatever you- the participant- choose to make them.

Although the session board isn’t created util the morning of the event, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead or start thinking about sessions you’d like to facilitate.

Remember, you don’t need to be an expert to facilitate a session- interested in a topic but don’t know much about it? Throw it up on the board and learn from those who do!

We’ve put together a Padlet where you can share you ideas for sessions you’re interested in EdCampCT. It’s just over a week away- time to start thinking about what you’d like to get out of EdCampCT!Padlet2016

When thinking of facilitating a session, don’t forget these EdCamp guiding principles:

  • Sessions should be conversations. Sessions should actively work to include the voice of all participants in the conversation.
  • Avoid slides if possible. If your session looks like one person giving a lecture with slides, it’s probably not exactly hitting those EdCamp guiding principles (end sarcasm).
  • EdCamps are non-commercial. If you’re a rep selling a product, you’re more than welcome to attend! (but don’t plan on shilling your stuff all over the place) 🙂



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