Update on Edcamp CT

Hi everyone! After more than a decade of organizing and hosting Edcamp Connecticut, we wanted to relay an update on this event. One of the team’s co-founders has moved on from the host school after thirteen years of service. As a result, we are putting the event on hold as we determine our next steps. 

Every year since 2011, the Edcamp CT team has raised money to create a day where participants are fed, fueled, and equipped to engage in conversations around teaching and learning. By writing grants and reaching out to sponsors, we, a group of volunteer educators, have done the work of fund-raising to make teacher-led professional learning available free of charge to educators from around New England and New York. To date, folks from more than 600 schools and educational organizations have been able to gather at Edcamp CT, and we are so proud of and grateful for this dynamic professional learning community. 

As the co-organizing team looks at our professional positions and the potential for future hosting opportunities, we will be in touch. In the meantime, in the spirit of Edcamp, we welcome others to keep stepping up and creating space for conversations. Whether five teachers or 500 are able to connect, the sharing that ensues is invaluable.

Cheers to our continued support of teacher-driven PD! Thank you for supporting us as we’ve worked to support you. We look forward to reconnecting at the next iteration of our event and at those opportunities that you all make possible.

With love and potato chips,

The Edcamp CT Team


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