Photos from Edcamp CT 2017


All photos taken and shared by the talented Tyler Varsell.



Sponsor Spotlight: Actively Learn

Thank you to Bronze and Prize Sponsor, Actively Learn!  We greatly appreciate your support of Edcamp CT and edcamps worldwide!


Actively Learn is an online literacy platform that targets the barriers to reading for depth. Our platform enables teachers to activate, support, and reveal student thinking while reading to ensure that students get beyond the gist.

Share ideas for session topics for Edcamp CT 2017!

The seventh annual Edcamp CT is right around the corner!  While attending participants will set the session topics on the morning of the event, it never hurts to start brainstorming and expressing interest in what YOU want to learn or discuss.  Use the Padlet below to share ideas.  By doing so, you are not locking yourself into leading or attending a session; you may, however, encourage others to consider topics that are timely and relevant.

We can’t wait to see what you’d like to tackle on Friday 8/18!

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Sponsor Spotlight: UConn Two Summers Program

We are tremendously grateful for the generosity of the University of Connecticut’s Two Summers Program. They are once again a Platinum Sponsor for EdCamp Connecticut! Thank you for helping to make our seventh annual event a reality!


Two Summers Program Summary

UConn’s Two Summers MA/SD ( in Learning Technology is a Master’s and Sixth Year Diploma program designed for working teachers interested in wisely integrating learning technologies into classroom instruction. The program is aligned with the ISTE/NCATE NETS-C standards for digital age teachers/coaches (, those who have the skills and knowledge to guide and support teachers to wisely integrate technology into their classroom teaching in an increasingly connected and global society. The program is run as small cohorts (15 to 20 students) where students have identical plans of study and progress through courses together. Variations of the program include a 27 or 30 credit option or the conferral of an MA or Sixth Year Certificate (as the choice of each student). The program admits practicing teachers or those with equivalent experiences in education. Since 2006, average GPA for admitted students in the cohort is near 3.7, recently results include 3.7 (2013),and  3.65 (2014).

Content Knowledge: consists of an understanding of contemporary hardware and software, Internet and offline computer-based tools used to support classroom instruction.

Pedagogy: consists of an understanding of instructional design methods, contemporary learning theory, and design research methods that enable the wise and successful integration of technology with classroom instruction.

Dispositions: consists of a world view in favor of risk taking, on-the-fly problem solving, instructional design principles, and learning through data-driven decision making based on classroom trials of technology.

The key comprehensive assessment is an e-portfolio in Taskstream ( Since its inception in 2006, the Two Summers program has had 90 – 100% Completion rate and all students who submit the e-portfolio achieving scores at, or above, goal. As part of the e-portfolio of required program artifacts, the Two Summers program is researching a year-long game-based approach (called Project Technologia) to several of its standards, and is piloting a card-game based assessment, called Card-tamen, based on the TPACK (see framework for technology integration.