Registration for EdCamp CT will open on Tues 7/18 @ 9 a.m.

Mark your calendars!  Online registration for EdCamp CT will open at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, July 18, 2017.  The link for tickets will be posted on  Registration fills up quickly each year, so you’ll want to make a note to grab your ticket while you can.  If you’d like an email reminder from us to register once tickets are released, you can let us know here.

Don’t forget: register on 7/18 and then join us for our seventh annual event on 8/18.  You don’t want to miss it!


Edcamp co-founder, Dan Callahan, can attest to the awesomeness that takes place.  Get here. 🙂

Share your ideas for sessions!

One of the most exciting, interesting, and sometimes confusing times during an EdCamp is the creation of the session board the morning of the event. IMG_8564

The session board is essentially the physical representation of what is meant when we say EdCampCT is “by educators, for educators.” There’s not some committee deciding who should run sessions, or what the sessions can be about. EdCamps are whatever you- the participant- choose to make them.

Although the session board isn’t created util the morning of the event, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead or start thinking about sessions you’d like to facilitate.

Remember, you don’t need to be an expert to facilitate a session- interested in a topic but don’t know much about it? Throw it up on the board and learn from those who do!

We’ve put together a Padlet where you can share you ideas for sessions you’re interested in EdCampCT. It’s just over a week away- time to start thinking about what you’d like to get out of EdCampCT!Padlet2016

When thinking of facilitating a session, don’t forget these EdCamp guiding principles:

  • Sessions should be conversations. Sessions should actively work to include the voice of all participants in the conversation.
  • Avoid slides if possible. If your session looks like one person giving a lecture with slides, it’s probably not exactly hitting those EdCamp guiding principles (end sarcasm).
  • EdCamps are non-commercial. If you’re a rep selling a product, you’re more than welcome to attend! (but don’t plan on shilling your stuff all over the place) 🙂


Thanks to the William and Alice Mortensen Foundation

EdCamp Connecticut is extraordinarily grateful for the generous support of The William and Alice Mortensen Foundation.  After learning about the edcamp format and its impact in Connecticut, New England, and now worldwide, the Foundation Board of Directors decided to sponsor EdCamp CT to help ensure that all participating educators have an enjoyable, fulfilling day of professional learning and networking.

The William and Alice Mortensen Foundation has funded regional projects in the areas of arts, education, historic preservation, hospitals, and human services, and EdCamp Connecticut is honored to be among the recipients of the Foundation’s support.



Sponsor Spotlight: The Digital Citizenship Institute

Last year, the inaugural Digital Citizenship Summit offered its support to Edcamp Connecticut, helping us to make our unconference possible.  This year, the team behind the Summit is once again sponsoring Edcamp CT through the next phase of their initiatives: The Digital Citizenship Institute.  Thank you for being a Silver Sponsor and a supporter of teachers’ professional development in CT and around the world!


The Digital Citizenship Institute turns the pervasive negative into the positive by providing the research, curriculum and instruction, consulting, coaching and professional development needed to help students be knowledge constructors, innovative designers, creative thinkers, communicators and global collaborators and leaders as they learn to humanize the person next to them, as well as across the screen. The Institute is committed to altering how the use of technology and social media is being used in and out of schools. Digital citizenship has been defined by Dr. Mike Ribble, author of Digital Citizenship in Schools as “the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.” Historically, digital citizenship has been an add-on to curriculum and professional development with a heavy emphasis on safety and what to avoid. The Digital Citizenship Institute provides a community-driven approach to educating and empowering all community stakeholders to become leaders who think and act at a local, global, and digital level.
The Digital Citizenship Summit held its inaugural event last October at the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford, CT and we’re excited to announce that the upcoming Digital Citizenship Summit is being held at Twitter Headquarters on October 28, 2016. The Summit is a global network of conferences and projects focused on the safe, savvy & ethical use of social media and tech. We are building a community of people, organizations, and businesses to be the digital change. Sign up to join schools around the world on October 28th to participate in our the Digital Citizenship Summit online. For more information, contact

Another exciting initiative happening through the Institute this year is DigCitKids, a K-12 student ambassador program amplifying student voice. Join the DigCitKids in monthly #digcit challenges by following @DigCitKids and #digcitkids. For more information, contact CKO (Chief Kid Officer) @CurranCentral.

Website (still under development):
Twitter handle: @digcitinstitute